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    In the Internet era, the worldwide computer network has grown to be an important part of social life generally and also the life of cultural organizations in particular. These days, web users are already familiar with services such as electronic digital file delivery, electronic research services, digital guides to Online resources, internet access to directories and electronic digital catalogs, thematic internet projects and so forth. The era of modernization is knowledgeable also by different events, adapting to kind of services for a distant person.

    Benefits of electronic events when compared with traditional are undeniable: there aren’t any limitations on accessibility for the end users as well as their time. It is essential that the archives of digital events will also be open to users continuously at any time and from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. At the same time electronic trade show isn’t a substitute for the original trade show. Browsing the electronic trade show is often the first step for the person to become knowledgeable about all of the resources of the trade show. Digital trade show, possessing in their collection, hyperlinks to many other resources, bibliographies, graphics, text messages and also other additional materials, cuts down on the time to get the required information and in addition significantly improves ordinary fair.
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