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    In the online time, the worldwide computer network has become a fundamental part of social life in general and also the life of cultural organizations specifically. Nowadays, internet surfers already are familiar with services like electronic digital papers delivery, electronic research services, virtual instructions to Internet resources, internet admission to directories and electronic digital online catalogs, thematic web projects and so on. The age of modernization is knowledgeable also by different displays, adapting to type of services for a distant person.

    Advantages of electronic events in comparison to classic are indisputable: there are no limitations on accessibility to the users as well as their time. It’s very important the fact that archives of virtual exhibitions may also be accessible to consumers constantly whenever they want and from any personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. On the other hand digital exhibit isn’t really a alternative to the common exhibit. Visiting the electronic exhibit is generally the step one to the user to get familiar with all of the resources within the exhibition. Electronic exhibition, possessing in their collection, hyperlinks to other resources, bibliographies, images, texts along with supplementary supplies, cuts down on the time to get the necessary information and also significantly improves common fair.
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