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    In the Internet age, the worldwide network has grown to be a fundamental part of social life generally and also the life of cultural organizations particularly. Today, internet users already are acquainted with services like digital doc delivery, digital research services, virtual guides to Internet resources, online admission to data source and digital catalogues, thematic web projects and so on. The era of modernization is experienced also by numerous exhibitions, adapting to form of service for a distant person.

    Features of digital exhibits compared to classic are unquestionable: there aren’t any restrictions on accessibility for the consumers as well as their time. It is significant that the records of virtual events will also be accessible to consumers continuously whenever you want and from any laptop or computer, tablet or cell phone. Simultaneously virtual event is not a replacement for the conventional event. Exploring the digital event is often the 1st step for the user to become knowledgeable about each of the resources belonging to the trade show. Virtual trade show, having in their arsenal, links to many other sources, bibliographies, visuals, text messages together with other supplementary materials, reduces the time to get the required information and also greatly enhances common fair.
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