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    Rapid progress in science and technology changed everything within the past decade and from now on a lot of things we thought impossible have grown to be possible. However with the progress of latest technologies, destructive machines are also invented like guns, bombs, and tanks. Obviously any good baby toy can be a bomb that may kill thousands of innocent people. Also as technology grows, devices are going to be compressed to smaller sizes. Once the computer was invented, it was a large and chunky computer, but now as technology grows, laptops as thin being a dollar coin are manufactured possible now. Furthermore, tablets or smart phones are also able to do items that before only a computer could do.

    Today, I’ll share with you a program the camera pen. You now could possibly be thinking precisely what is this? You may be amazed to listen for it is spy camera which you can use for recording videos and capturing while it is still fully efficient at acting as an ordinary bold pen. Another question that you wish to know is how is the camera pin placed? Basically this camera is defined just presents itself the pen where it can take photos and make videos of products near you. Any situation that you see while putting the spy pen on the shirt are going to be captured.

    The greatest thing about this spy pen set up is it supports both picture and video formats which not only will you capture pictures and photos but additionally record videos similar to using a secret mission. Exactly like all of the detectives and spies which fits in this manner to ensure that no person will be able to observe them and for this purpose the unit are produced so individuals are able to work properly with no tension. This spy camera pen can be a breeze and efficient to make use of. With just a press of a mouse button, the playback quality will automatically start and press again as well as pause.

    Due to these great properties, this piece of equipment is especially popular among professionals or teenagers. They are suitable for recording bad support services in restaurants. The unit are purely manufactured for professionals but anyone else could also utilize the devices too for gathering evidence. However, don’t use these devices for illegal use as you might have to face serious criminal charges. Because of its lithium batteries for this device, it might record as much as 120 min so that you can easily come up with a video of 2 hours once the set up is fully charged. Also, you’ll be able to obtain a clear strong voice recording inside a selection of 15 meters. Another advantage is you can get of storage space of 4GB or 8GB memory together with the device or supports as much as 8GB external memory with a Micro Files. It offers a superior you AVI format for video and JPEG format for pictures and photos. Both formats consume high graphic quality. You can find the spy camera pen starting only $19.99 and you can get additional discount if you decide on over three of the product.
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