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    A compact, mini spy pen writes and offers the look of a smooth ballpoint or fountain pen, yet created to conceal a fully functional audio and video camera. An invisible camera such as this is an ideal item of equipment for discreet and undetected recordings.

    Recording time on these mini cameras can run from 60 – 180 minutes, which is often down to the capabilities and technology of an particular pen. One touch control is frequently activated with a click from the the surface of the pen to capture live video and audio images. Playback is frequently with a standard thumb-drive concealed within the pen.

    A miniature sd card or thumb drive has the ability to accept 2 – 4GB of footage. These thumb-drives fit a USB socket for ease in uploading data to your PC, laptop, or PDA. All recorded images could be stored or achieved on the laptop’s hard disk if needed. Connecting a mini camera to your computer’s USB port is additionally one convenient method of recharging a depleted battery.

    As well as pen, a miniature spy camera could be conceal in a very vast array of ordinary items, say for example a two of sunglasses, a wristwatch, an automobile keychain, or perhaps a packet of gum. These objects appear the same as the genuine article externally, so we’re not aware a recording is occurring.

    A covert or hidden listening device, such as these camera pens are great surveillance gadgets, that make it very much much easier to position in plain sight.
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