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    Audience Response Systems are an ICT (Information and communication technology) based educational assessment tool designed to build a nice-looking and interesting learning environment that will enhance participation of the audiences or students. The functional of the strategy is simple process.

    During these type of devices, teachers find out to students from his wireless handset that is certainly shown on the screen. The questions may be of any form for example true or false, good or bad, numeric, text, multiple choices, sequence. The student answers these questions using their wireless handset. The response software installed on laptop computer accumulates these responses to gauge the person student performance to ensure she has understood the topic both theoretical and practical.

    The unit are incredible for assisting student centric learning. Students’ fascination with the subjects is raised with interactivity that it has been provide towards the lesson. Students can also be keen to get acquainted with the tests as their email address details are anonymous. It possess a unique student ID to track students individually or increase the risk for track of individually students.

    This systems display the reports instantly available as graphic charts and multimedia 3D games with wonderful animations. They have been observed how the audience response systems help learners in enhancing alertness and information remembrance for a longer time period during session. There is growing trend from the technique audience response systems across the globe. Schools, colleges are implementing these polling devices to generate entertaining environment for leaning in the interactive manner.
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