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    Many of us have witnessed the movie Limitless, the location where the major personality experiences an exclusive medicine that starts up a fresh world for his thoughts, a world that any person would perform the difficult to get to. His mind can comprehend, remember and examine everything that crosses the way. Just imagine, each and every book you read through is now being not just memorized in the very first read through, but in addition comprehended, and everything may be used to understand more complicated problems. The type learned about financial in only a matter of a few weeks, what could have a typical man or woman several years and even years to comprehend, he discovered within a month or so. Would not all of us want such a medicine, that you would take, and available unlimited possibilities to your mind, without having any unwanted effects for your body. However, there isn’t such a medicine such as the one particular in the movie, which it had been called NZT. If it would be an actuality, in all probability we may reside in an entirely various world. But we now have many medications that make our mind better. These drugs are called smart drugs or nootropics, an expression termed by the founder of racetams, a Romanian chemist.

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